Saturday, March 7, 2009

Alaskan Visiting Teachers

Mom and I had a wonderful time last weekend. Sister Beck, the General Relief Society President came to Fairbanks.  What an uplifting and spiritual experience.  She is so beautiful inside and out.  This photo was taken at the enrichment meeting that Sister Beck spoke at.  I got to meet her and mom and I both got a hug from her.  We left there eager to be better woman.  

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  1. Well, it's official, mom is completely a frozen native! goodbye Oregonian blood! hee hee ! So, who's Sister Beck? (just kidding) So awesome you got to meet her! And get a hug! Thanks for sharing this great pic!

    p.s. We call Carice Tilly because I started calling her "Silly" as a baby, and then I think it just morphed in to Tilly. It is so completely stuck by all of us! We call her that all the time for a long time now. I try to tell Cali not to call her that in public, but I've caught myself too! She's just our 'Til' :)