Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hi everyone.  What a fun day we had. We took the dogs to Petco for some spa treatment and when we got there they were taking Valentine pictures with your dog.  So of course we had to have one.  Wish I know how to get it onto this blog.  anyway,  when we picked up Jed and Gracie they were so beautiful and Gracie got her toenails painted PINK.  Now they are asleep and tired out from their day at the spa. 

Hope you are all having a fun weekend.

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  1. Gracie's toenails are PINK? That rocks! Let us know if you need help getting a photo posted of that! We will be in Spanish Fork (oooh long drive!) on Sunday for a baby blessing, but will be home that night. What a fun memorable Valentine's Day with your sweet 'babies!' Love you all!