Saturday, July 11, 2009

Richard meets Gov. Sarah Palin

Richard and I were down town at the credit union and saw a crowd.  We were on our way to TaeKwon do and that is why he is in his uniform.  When we found out Sarah Palin was there we had to stop.  Richard got to meet her, get an autograph, a hug and his picture on the front page of the newspaper.


  1. Hey Richard :) That is so cool that you got to meet and get a hug from Gov. Palin! Send us a note to tell us about your experience!! Funny thing about Rick, too... he saw our Gov. when he was with some co-workers but they were in California at the time! ha ha ha! ;) Thanks for sharing your fun news! love, the moore4

  2. That is so neat. I would LOVE to meet her. She's a hero of mine.