Saturday, June 27, 2009

Goodbye to our beloved Jed

Jed was born in June of 1996.  We took him home in August of 1996.  He was not the puppy we had picked out.  When I went to get him all the puppies were gone and the girl did not keep it straight who picked out which puppy.  But I took Jed and he cried all the way home.  He had very hard puppy years and I was so glad that we had gotten him because maybe someone else wouldn't have been so patient with him.  He went to puppy school and graduated by running an obstacle course.  Some funny memories of Jed are that he chewed the plug in off my car, he chewed the rubber tread off of Carl's snow machine, his tail was very deadly and chopped off the top of one of my plants.  The plant came out of it and I still have it.  After the puppy years Jed grew into a wonderful dog.  He was a loyal, loving dog.  One time when I had the flu he laid by my bed the whole day.  Every morning for 13 years Jed has gotten up and came to the side of my bed and checked on me.  He would touch me with his nose and then go back and lay down.  He was my best friend and our family misses him very much.  I know that he and Reggie are running together right now.  By Jed.....We love and miss you so much.  

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