Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back ground on the 3 Cox's

This is a new blog starring the Cox family.  This family consists of Carl (the dad), Sue (the mom) and Richard (the 10 year old son) plus Grandma LeBel.

We live in Fairbanks Alaska.  We are partners in ownership in a Jewelry Store.  Carl runs the store, Sue does the bookkeeping and is also a lunch lady for the school district.  Richard is a kid and he goes to 4th grade.  Grandma is retired and enjoys reading and TV and shopping.

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  1. Hey Fairbanks 4! Great new blog! I look forward to having another one to follow! I'm addicted ;) Keep posting lots of stuff! And pictures! I wanna see some of those awesome Tai Kuan Do Kicks, Your cute puppies, Carl's latest creations, Mom's pies, my beautiful family that is so far away! Anything! Thanks for checking out the Moore4 and for leaving a comment! Will check back again! I will bookmark this Blog for sure! :) Kisses!